The four co-founders of the international Transpersonal Research Network (TRN) include Dr. Rosemarie Anderson (USA), Transpersonal Consultancy ( and Professor Emerita at Sofia University; Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada (Italy), Integral Transpersonal Institute (; Dr. Giovanna Calabrese (Italy) and Dr. Regina U Hess (Germany) from the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (

The founding of the Transpersonal Research Network (TRN) builds on the success of the First Transpersonal Research Colloquium (TRC) and the enthusiastic participation of the 31 presenters at this first TRC in Milan, Italy in June 2015. Short biographical sketches of the four co-founders are presented below:


portrait-rosemarie3Dr. Rosemarie Anderson (USA)

 Rosemarie is the founder of Transpersonal Consultancy and Professor Emerita at Sofia University, formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA. She is co-author, with the late William Braud, of Transpersonal Research Methods for the Social Sciences: Honoring Human Experience (SAGE, 1998) and Transforming Self and Others Through Research: Transpersonal Research Methods and Skills for the Human Sciences and Humanities (SUNY Press, 2011) and author of Celtic Oracles (Random House, 1998).She has also co-authored Five Ways of Doing Qualitative Analysis: Phenomenological Psychology, Grounded Theory, Discourse Analysis, Narrative Research, and Intuitive Inquiry with Frederick Wertz, Kathy Charmaz, Linda McMullen, Ruthellen Josselson, and Emalinda McSpadden (Guilford Press, 2011).

Rosemarie serves on the International Transpersonal Association Board and on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Journal of Transpersonal Research, Qualitative Psychology, and The Humanistic Psychologist. Over the years, she has developed a qualitative method known as Intuitive Inquiry, the Body Insight Scale, Embodied Writing, and a model of human development relayed from the perspective of the body. Together with the late William Braud, she founded the field known as transpersonal research methods. Her current scholarship focuses on intuition, the genius of dyslexia, embodied spirituality, and world service. Many of her publications and media links can be found on her website E-brary.


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portrait-Pierl-luigiDr. Pier-Luigi Lattuada (Italy)

 Pier Luigi Lattuada of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy, is a Medical Doctor. He has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is also a Psychotherapist. Founder of Biotransenergetics, Pier Luigi is the Director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, which has been fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002. He is also director of the Training in Transpersonal Counseling accredited by FAIP Counseling. He is adjunct faculty at Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA and faculty member at Ubiquity University

Past medical director of Lifegate Holistic Medicine Clinic of Milan, Scientific Director of Integral Transpersonal Journal. He serves as co-Vice-President of EUROTAS. Pier Luigi has published sixteen books since 1985, more than 30 articles since 1980 and presented Biotransenergetics in more than 50 International Conferences in several countries: Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Moldova, Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Brazil, Greece since 1988.


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giovanna-calabreseDr. Giovanna Calabrese (Italy)

I graduated in medicine (Milan, Italy). My interest in research brought me to attain a PhD in psychiatry, for which I studied brain metabolism in major psychiatric diseases using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (Milan, Italy and San Francisco, USA). When the biomedical approach to psychiatry was not satisfying me anymore, leaving too many questions un-answered, I moved toward transpersonal psychotherapy, so I got a diploma at the Om Centre for Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Milan, Italy). My research attitude brought me to the Metanoia Institute in London, where I completed a Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies, using qualitative research methodology to explore the use of non-ordinary state of consciousness in transpersonal psychotherapy.

I work as a neuroradiologist and as a transpersonal psychotherapist. I also teach Science Methodology and Neuroscience at the Integral transpersonal Institute in Milan (Italy).

I am European Transpersonal Association board member and founder and core team member of the Eurotas Division of Transpersonal Research.

I am editor and reviewer of the Integral Transpersonal Journal.





portrait-regina1Dr. Regina U. Hess (Germany)

Regina is a clinical psychologist from Germany, and holds a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from the U.S. and in embodied phenomenology from the UK. She has broad experience in global humanitarian fieldwork, has lived extensively in different continents, and understands herself as a global citizen. Regina is faculty at international transpersonal educational institutes. She is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and is co-founder of the EUROTAS Disaster/Trauma Task Force.

Regina is an independent researcher, specializing in embodied phenomenology, arts-based methods, and transcultural field research with a specific interest in embodiment and expanded states of consciousness for healing through awakening. She is co-founder of the international Transpersonal Research Network and of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research. Further activities include the bridging of research with film, music, and art for the dissemination of knowledge to a wider public. She is a co-founding member of the Arts & Sciences Researcher Forum, Cambridge University, UK. Regina is in the editorial team at the Integral Transpersonal Journal and at the journal ‘Forum Qualitative Social Research’.






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